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Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers
October 2006
A one-hour documentary film, in co-production with Israel Broadcasting Authority, distributed by Doc&Co, Paris.
Video for Schechter
August 2006
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Books by Larry Price
One Step Forward
One step Forward, a novella. Coming of age story.
Breastplate of Judgment
Biblical Science Fiction.
A young archeologist finds the Breastplate of Judgment,  the only oracular device known to the ancient Hebrews, lost for over 3,000 years.
Helping Sisters
Part one of a two-volume novel of the wealthy Silver and poor Melamed families,  Getting started in America.
Sharp Shadows
Part two of the story of the wealthy Silver and poor Melamed families,  Growing up in America.
Lovely Day To Die
A Harry Kane Mystery. Harry sets out to stop the bad guys from blowing up a meeting of the G-8.
Red-Faced Kid
Ernie Lightfoot, a native American, meets and weds Sarah Greenstein.  He becomes a vaudeville, movie and TV star.
The Spiral
A novel set in the sixties. Ira Glassman heads to Europe and winds up in the wrong company.
A  Jerusalem Story
A down-on-his luck filmmaker working on a project with a Palestinian woman, gets involved in a terrorist ring.
And others:........
July 20, 2006 War in Israel Day 8
War in Israel July 20, 2006
Ninth day of the war.
Exhaustion is setting in, both physical and psychological, on the residents of the northern settlements who have been under nearly constant bombardment for over a week. Yesterday nearly 100 rockets fell on Israel. During the night Israel loosed 25
August 1, 2006, War in Israel Day 21
August 1, 2006  War in Israel Day 21
Three Israeli soldiers were killed today in fighting in Lebanon. Reportedly they were paratroopers staked out in an apartment waiting in ambush for the Hezbollah fighters to appear. Their position was hit with a rocket-propelled grenade. Their loss saddened
July 31, 2006, War in Israel Day 20
July 31, 2006 Day 20 War in Israel
“The cease-fire won’t last,” said a guy on Fox TV this morning. Later you’ll find out whom. “I’ll tell you why. For it to last Hezbollah would have to stop firing their rockets. And Hezbollah will never stop firing their rockets.”
He was right, and wrong.  At
July 29, 2006 War in Israel Day 19
Kyriat Shmona was shelled again today. This time a rocket crashed through the roof of the Kyriat Shmona Mall, a modest two-story affair with a tiny food court, a few stores, a movie theater and a small bowling alley. Modest as it is, this is still the mall for this primarily agricultural northern
July 28, 2006 War in Israel Day 17
July 28, 2006  Day 17 of the war
Maj. Roi Klein 31, is a genuine Hero. He was one of the soldiers killed in Lebanon. When a Hezbollah fighter hurled a hand grenade into the midst of his platoon as they fought in Maroun Al Ras, Klein immediately fell on the grenade to protect his troops.
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Name: Larry Price
Larry Price is a journalist/filmmaker based in Jerusalem. Born in Chicago he has lived and worked in Jerusalem for thirty years. He is a member of the Director’s Association, Producer’s Association, and the Israel Academy for Film and Television (Israel’s Academy Awards). He has made hundreds of films for broadcast, educational, and industrial markets. He was the first anchorman on the IBA English News, and still narrates films. LP has also appeared in half-a-dozen feature films.